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The €45 fix: How to speed up a slow computer for less

The €45 fix: How to speed up a slow computer for less

Upgrade your RAM for about a tenth the cost of a new computer

New computers often come with the promise that they’re fast, which makes it frustrating when a system you spent a lot of money on slows down over time. According to leading IT managers, the average computer lasts just 3 to 4 years, which means it usually slows down well before it’s disposed of.1 This means the “speed” you need is fleeting and you’re likely to buy a new computer more frequently than you probably want to. The good news, though, is you don’t have to. There’s an affordable way to extend the life of your current computer and instantly get faster speeds: Crucial® desktop and laptop memory.

Faster speeds that last – at about a tenth of the cost2

Speeding up a slow computer doesn’t usually require an expensive, elaborate plan. With a memory (RAM) upgrade, it’s simple and affordable: Buy the memory with the highest amount of GB your system allows, open your desktop case or laptop, find the memory slots, and pop the RAM sticks in. After the memory is installed, your desktop or laptop immediately becomes faster, more responsive, and allows you to multitask and handle your workload with ease. While there are many situations where it makes sense to buy a new computer, it’s not always your best option if you just want a faster system.

The average cost of a new computer

About how much does a new computer cost?2 €450

The affordable way to speed up a slow computer:
Double or quadruple your computer’s memory

  • Why it works: Your computer is just a few years old and you’d rather fix what’s likely a perfectly good system than buy a new one
  • What about your data? Data is stored on your storage drive (not in memory) so all of your data remains safe and unaffected
Shop memory

The cost of an 8GB memory (RAM) upgrade for desktops and laptops

About how much does a memory upgrade cost?2 €45

Nearly every computer operation relies on memory

  • Moving your mouse cursor
  • Having several tabs open while surfing the Web
  • Typing and composing an email
  • Creating a spreadsheet
  • Editing photos or videos
  • Playing a game, listening to music or watching a video
  • Multitasking between applications
The more things you’re doing at once,
the more memory you need

How much RAM can you install?

New computers often ship with minimalist components to keep prices down. That’s why you can probably double or quadruple your system’s memory. Here are some popular systems sold in the past few years and why a memory upgrade makes sense.

Type Sample PC3 Amount of RAM it came with Amount of RAM you can install How much more RAM can you install?
Desktop PC compatible with 16GB of DDR3 memory (RAM)

Desktop PC

Acer® Aspire XC-605G 6GB 16GB 2x
Dell® Inspiron 3847 8GB 16GB 2x
HP® Pavilion 500-281 4GB 16GB 4x
Lenovo® ThinkCentre® E73 Tower 4GB 16GB 4x
Laptop PC compatible with 16GB of DDR3 memory (RAM)

Laptop PC

Lenovo® Z50-70 8GB 16GB 2x
Acer® Aspire E5-572G 4GB 16GB 4x
Dell® Latitude 3340 4GB 16GB 4x
HP® 350 G1 4GB 16GB 4x
Close the memory gap!

Why RAM is the best way to improve performance for less

Maxing out your system’s RAM gives your current computer the speed of a new one – without the price. For about €45, you can significantly boost your current computer and doing so is often nearly 10x less expensive than buying a new one.

Start your speed upgrade using our tools below which will tell you how much memory you can install, and in 60 seconds or less find guaranteed-compatible4 memory that’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Did we mention free shipping?

Compatible upgrades. Guaranteed. Find the right upgrades with either of our easy-to-use tools.

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