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Does my computer need more memory?

Do you suspect your computer could use more memory? Here's how to tell.

Here are a few simple — but telling — signs that your computer could benefit from a memory upgrade.

  • You experience poor or sub-par performance in everyday tasks. For instance, a program doesn't respond or seems to take forever to open.
  • You get system notifications that say "low memory" or "out of memory".
  • You are having display problems. Like when you pull up a page and it either partially loads or if refuses to load at all. Or you see a blank space where data should be.
  • In some cases, the PC refuses to operate at all. When you try to open anything, the system will not respond.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, a memory upgrade may be in order.

It's easy to tell how much memory is installed on your system and how much is being used.

If Your System is a Windows-Based PC ...

  1. Start your computer and locate the My Computer icon.
  2. Right-click the My Computer icon, and select Properties from the menu that appears.
  3. Look under the General tab where it gives you information about the size of the hard drive and what operating system you use to find the amount of RAM in megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB).

If Your System is a Mac ...

  1. Open the Apple menu and then select About This Mac.
  2. Select More Info ...
  3. Select Hardware overview. Here, the System Profile screen opens, showing the Hardware Overview.
  4. Select Current memory information
  5. In the Contents section on the left side of the screen, click Memory. The Memory Slot information appears, showing your current memory configuration. This information helps you determine which slots are filled with which type of memory, and how many slots are still available to install new Crucial memory.

Or, you can also use the handy Crucial System Scanner to determine how much memory you have — and what upgrades will work best for you.