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How to get the most of Windows 10 features

Windows 10 feature

How to get the most out of it

PC and Xbox One™ gamers utalizing the Xbox Live® app can compete in the same game at the same time – on different platforms

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PC gamers should make sure they have enough, and fast enough, memory to avoid lag times. 

Buy and play an Xbox® games on your PC

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Make sure your storage drive is up to the task. A solid state drive will get you into the game faster. 

Record and stream gameplay in real time

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Game DVR and streaming use a lot of active data. Make sure your memory and storage drive are up to the task. 

Run Xbox Live® features from your PC (voice, text, chat)

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Running Xbox Live features requires additional multitasking resources. To ensure your system has the ability to handle everything it'll be doing at once, improve your memory performance and density.

Compatible with DirectX® 12 graphics cards

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The graphics card relies on memory, so faster memory enables better integrated graphics performance. You need sufficient memory that's fast enough to produce sharp visuals.

Use the Crucial® Advisor tool or System Scanner tool to find the best components to upgrade your system. For more information about the SSDs for gaming, read our guide about which SSD is best for gaming.

Windows 10 features

Microsoft has been working hard for several generations to improve gaming on their Windows operating system. Windows 10, with DirectX 12, shows an incremental improvement in frame rates over Windows 8 and over Windows 7. Windows 10 automatically updates DirectX 12 drivers and the OS, leaving little for the user to configure. However, the introduction of Game Mode in the Creators Edition prioritizes gaming for both the CPU and GPU, preventing Windows from using resources while you are playing a game. 

The architecture of Windows 10 was created to retain compatibility for games with previous Windows versions, but with the addition of the Xbox capability, some games are not yet compatible. The number of compatible games is steadily improving, however.

Give yourself an advantage

Cross-platform play, game DVR, and DirectX 12 are exciting reasons to use Windows 10, but running these features seamlessly requires more than just the minimum amount of memory and storage. Upgrade your hardware with more and faster memory and an SSD to own the opposition on Windows 10. Read here to see how easy it is to an install an SSD.

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