Processors are the starting point for any serious gaming rig. If you’re considering building your next gaming PC around a fast and powerful AMD Ryzen® processor, the Ballistix® line of gaming DRAM is the perfect match. 

By pairing Ryzen and Ballistix, you don’t need to read through spec lists or worry about your hardware investments not working together. Ballistix memory is engineered to be Ryzen compatible, out of the box, every time. Ballistix is Ryzen Ready.

If only everything were this simple. And fast.

Ryzen provides speed and processing power to maximize frame rates and quickly render beautiful, dynamic virtual worlds. With hyper-fast speeds and a growing line of DRAM options, Ballistix is an ideal complement to superior gaming rigs. 

The proof is in the record books: the combination of AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600X processor and the Ballistix Elite 4000 recently broke five world overclocking records and shattered the 6,000MT/s barrier. And with the gun metal finishes, color options, and RGB arrays of Ballistix memory, your build will look as slick as it runs.

From the Ballistix Sport to the Tactical Tracer to the Elite 4000, Ballistix has the memory for every gamer’s needs and budget. Click here to see the Ballistix lineup and see which is best for you.


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