How to Delete Temporary Internet Files

Temporary internet files are files that your browser automatically saves (caches) on your storage drive when you visit a website. These files are created when you first visit a page so that when you visit it for a second time, you’ll be able to access it faster. While temporary internet files can help you access websites faster, they take up a significant amount of space on your storage drive. By deleting these files, you can regain valuable storage space.

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Cookies and temporary internet files

Internet or web cookies are a little different than temporary internet files, but are often removed together. Cookies identify you to a website that you've visited previously. They allow websites you visit to prepare customized pages for you; for example, showing items you've previously searched for. Cookies are saved on your storage drive as part of your browser.

How to remove cookies and temporary internet files

It's a good idea to remove cookies and other temporary internet files occasionally. You can delete the files either through your browser or your computer's Control Panel.

An open trash can contains discarded documents and data files representing a user deleting their cookies and temporary internet browser files

Remove files through your browser

If you want to remove cookies from your browser, the exact instructions will depend on what browser you use. For most browsers, go into Settings (the gear icon), then Internet Options, and there will be a place to clear temporary files and cookies.

Remove files through the Control Panel

Go to the Start menu, select Control Panel, Network and Internet, Internet Options, Delete browsing history and cookies, click Delete under Browsing History. You can also select Delete browsing history on exit, which will delete temporary files each time you close your browser.

Delete files from within control panel.

You can remove temporary internet files and cookies as frequently as you need to keep your storage drive clear, allowing the pages you want to load quickly with the information you want them to have.

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