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Built to Win

How Crucial® Ballistix® gaming memory enhances your system’s performance

Winning with memory is about far more than just speed. It’s about winning on multiple fronts. It’s about lower true latencies. Effortless overclocking. Aggressive heat spreaders. Real-time temperature monitoring. And premium components manufactured to punishing reliability standards. While memory is only one part of your rig’s performance, it’s a critical one to max out. Here’s how you win with Ballistix.


Win with faster speeds and lower latencies

Every Ballistix module we make is faster or more responsive than its Crucial counterpart (which is produced to JEDEC industry standards). Here’s what you can expect when moving up the food chain.

DDR3 performance comparison

DDR3 Top Specs1 Speed (in MT/s) Throughput (in GB/s) Clock Cycle Time (in ns) Cas Latency (in CL) True Latency (in ns)
Industry standard 1600 12.8 1.25 11 13.75
Ballistix Sport 1600 12.8 1.25 10 12.50
Ballistix Tactical 1866 14.9 1.07 9 9.63
Ballistix Elite 2133 17.0 0.93 9 8.37

DDR4 performance comparison

DDR4 Top Specs1 Speed (in MT/s) Throughput (in GB/s) Clock Cycle Time (in ns) Cas Latency (in CL) True Latency (in ns)
Industry standard 2400 19.2 0.83 17 14.11
Ballistix Sport 2400 19.2 0.83 16 13.28
Ballistix Elite 2666 21.3 0.75 16 12.00

When overclocking, these numbers are just the starting point – especially as DDR4 technology matures.


Win with style

Sleek, militaristic heat spreaders complement the most popular boards on the market and make your rig worth showing off. Your system isn’t a colorful toy. It’s a weapon. That’s our design philosophy, and it’s what inspired the Ballistix M.O.D. utility, which allows you to monitor memory temperatures in real time for better and easier overclocking. The M.O.D. utility is unique to Ballistix and compatible with Windows-based PCs.2

Militaristic heat spreaders Militaristic heat spreaders


Win with battle-tested reliability

Ballistix heat spreaders protect what’s worth protecting: your memory investment. The hefty, bulletproof feel of Ballistix heat spreaders is intentional and shields premium Ballistix components from dust, debris, and other particle matter so your performance is never compromised. Ballistix custom heat spreaders also increase the module’s surface area for increased heat dissipation and improved temperature stability. But proven reliability is about more than that.

Ballistix family Ballistix family

Ballistix is one of the only brands of gaming memory that’s made by one of the world’s three major DRAM component manufacturers (Micron, Samsung, and SK Hynix). Others may pose as manufacturers, but since they don’t make the chips themselves, they have to use a variety of components from a variety of suppliers to piece together gaming modules. You can’t piece together reliability. The highest level of quality and reliability is achieved when every aspect of the memory – from choice silicon to finished module – is tested, monitored at every phase, and tested again before it leaves the fab. That’s how we make Ballistix.

Watch how Ballistix is made
Ballistix family


The complete win

Crucial gamers win

Casual gamers often settle for standard memory and achieve standard results. Hardcore gamers know that more is needed. Ballistix is used by professional gaming teams and designed to give you the same blistering performance the pros count on. Show no mercy – load your system with Ballistix and begin mowing down the opposition.

Crucial gamers win

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Note: If you overclock, you’ll void your warranty, but this is often a small price to pay for unrestrained performance.

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