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Crucial Memmory

How SSDs enhance game consoles, DVRs, NAS arrays, and home servers

Speed up and secure more than just your computer

You may know that SSDs instantly make computer storage 15x faster,1 but SSDs can also be used to accelerate your experience on game consoles, cable and satellite DVR boxes, network-attached storage (NAS), and home media servers. These devices often rely on a hard drive, which can easily be replaced with a faster, more reliable alternative – a Crucial® SSD. Gone are the days of tapes, CDs, DVDs, and physical photo albums; your photos, videos, games, and entertainment are all digital, and you cross your fingers in hope that your storage drive will safely and securely save them all.

Since SSDs don't use mechanical moving parts that wear out over time, they can instantly speed up and secure almost any device. Here's how you benefit.

SSDs in action

Click on a device below to see how an SSD instantly makes it better

Game consoles

Every time you load a game, your hard drive has to access the game’s files. Get on the battlefield faster by slashing load and boot times, accessing everything on the console faster, and getting better performance without breaking the bank to upgrade your console with an SSD. Crucial SSDs are also over 2x more energy efficient than a hard drive, meaning your console runs cooler and quieter.2

Cable or satellite DVR boxes

It takes time for your DVR to load the shows and movies you've recorded, and it's difficult to relax when your patience is tried by long, frustrating load times. It’s even worse when your DVR storage runs out of room to record. A Crucial SSD loads those files faster and comes in capacities up to 1TB so you can store more of what you want to watch.3

Network-attached storage (NAS)

Whether it's in the office, design studio, or at home, multiple users accessing a NAS strain its performance. That compromises your device's speed, limits productivity, and creates frustration. Although your network has a great impact on NAS performance, don't let a storage bottleneck slow you down. Filling your NAS with SSDs helps each user access data almost instantly and protects your data at a higher level with encryption and increased reliability.

Home server

Every time you access data on a hard drive-based home server, you have to wait. And since almost everything is stored on the server, the wait times add up. A home server takes time to retrieve and load the content you want to use, whether it's for entertainment or productivity. Access what you're looking for faster, and accelerate apps with an SSD for a more enjoyable and efficient experience. Plus, an SSD safeguards the important files you put on your home server.
Recommended product:
Crucial® MX-series SSDs
Recommended product:
Crucial® MX-series SSDs

The takeaway

Your photos, videos, games, and entertainment are extremely important and are stored on a variety of devices. No matter what systems you're using, enhance and preserve your files, media, and priceless memories with a Crucial SSD.

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