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Crucial SSDs. Performance You Can Trust.

Do more. Faster. Longer.

Crucial SSDs deliver nearly instant access to data and are up to 20 times faster than a typical hard drive — all while consuming significantly less power. Boot up almost immediately. Load files and programs almost instantly. Accelerate demanding applications. And extend battery life by managing power more efficiently. Backed by the industry’s most complete feature set — RAIN technology, Adaptive Thermal Protection, best-in-class hardware encryption, and our exclusive data integrity algorithm — Crucial SSDs deliver a complete performance gain that’s measured by far more than just specs.

One affordable upgrade. A multitude of powerful benefits.

  • Load files and programs almost instantly
  • Boot up almost immediately
  • Accelerate demanding applications
  • Download massive files in seconds rather than minutes
  • Manage power so your battery lasts longer
  • Encrypt and protect sensitive data against loss or theft
  • Achieve top speeds without sacrificing reliability
  • Store lots of data – available in capacities up to 1TB

Crucial SSDs. Performance you can trust.

For Crucial SSDs, performance you can trust isn’t just a tagline. It’s an integral part of what differentiates us from the competition. As a brand of Micron, one of the largest flash storage manufacturers in the world, Crucial SSDs are backed by the same quality and innovation that has produced some of the world’s most advanced memory and storage technologies. With over a thoeurnd hours of prerelease validation testing and hundreds of SSD qualification tests, Crucial SSDs have been thoroughly tried, tested, and recommended.

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