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DDR5 is the next evolution of memory

With blazing speeds previously only achieved through overclocking, Crucial DDR5 delivers double the speed and bandwidth, all while lowering power consumption. 

As a brand of Micron, one of the leaders of DDR5 development and proven engineering excellence, Crucial works with top-tier motherboard vendors to ensure consistent performance.

Motherboard vendor ASUS
Republic of Gamers

The latest DDR5 info...

Micron DDR5: Offering More Than 2X the Effective Bandwidth

DDR5 will offer up to 2x the effective bandwidth when compared to its predecessor DDR4, helping relieve this bandwidth per core crunch.

Micron's DDR5 delivering next generation performance

Technological advancements by the numbers, starting with DDR2.

DDR5: The next step in system level performance.

As CPU core counts continue to increase, bandwidth per core cannot continue to scale with DDR4. Enter DDR5.