Crucial P2 SSD

Read speed up to 2300MB/s
Write speed up to 1150MB/s
Capacity: 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB

Crucial P5 SSD

Read speed up to 3400MB/s
Write speed up to 3000MB/s
Capacity: 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB


Crucial BX500 SSD

Read speed up to 540MB/s
Write speed up to 500MB/s
Capacity: 240GB, 480GB,
1TB, and 2TB

Crucial MX500 SSD

Read speed up to 560MB/s
Write speed up to 510MB/s
Capacity: 250GB, 500GB,
1TB, and 2TB

Portable SSDs

Crucial X8 Portable SSD

Read speed up to 1050MB/s
Capacity: 1TB and 2TB

Crucial X6 Portable SSD

Read speed up to 800MB/s
Capacity: 500GB, 1TB,  2TB, 4TB

  1. Some of the storage capacity is used for formatting and other purposes and is not available for data storage. 1GB equals 1 billion bytes. Not all capacities available at initial launch.
  2. Typical I/O performance numbers as measured using CrystalDiskMark with a queue depth of 32 and write cache enabled. Fresh out-of-box (FOB) state is assumed. For performance measurement purposes, the SSD may be restored to FOB state using the secure erase command. System variations will affect measured results.