Software for Diagnosing Memory Problems

To help determine if a system problem is caused by hardware or software issues several diagnostic tools are available, depending on your operating system. 

The Windows® Memory Diagnostic tool is built into modern versions of Windows is simple to use and provides a great first step for narrowing down the problem. This can be accessed through the Start menu, in the Windows Administrative Tools folder, or you can just open the Start Menu and start a search for "Windows Memory Diagnostic" to quickly return the app as the best result for the search query. Running this app will allow you to restart immediately to check for problems, or schedule the diagnostic for the next time your computer starts up.

For Apple users, Apple Diagnostics® can be used to test memory, alongside other components. While powering on an Intel-based Mac, hold 'D' (or 'Option'+'D' on some models) until a progress bar or language selection menu appears to access this. 

If you are using another operating system, or want a more stressful test for issues, we recommend Memtest86+® to determine if memory is causing issues. Memtest86+ is a standalone memory testing program that can test your memory independently from the operating system to eliminate the possibility of drivers or other software causing the errors.

If any of the above tools show errors then the memory might have developed a fault or is incorrectly setup in the BIOS, and our support options can assist you in further troubleshooting  or a warranty replacement of parts. If no errors are reported, the problem could be driver or software related; please update all hardware drivers or in the worst-case scenario reinstall the operating system.

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