Overview of Memory Chip Density


Data that is being managed by a memory module is stored on cells contained in the small black DRAM chips attached to the memory module's printed circuit board. As memory technologies mature, more of these cells can fit into a chip. This allows for the same memory capacity in fewer chips, or higher total memory module capacities can be reached by using the same number of these higher density DRAM chips.

Will high or low density parts work with my original memory?

Your system will most likely accept either type without any issues, and we manufacture and sell both types of memory. Any part recommended by the System Scanner or Advisor Tool is guaranteed compatible with your system when you order on Crucial.com. 


Which is better? High density or low density?

There is no difference in performance to the end user. It can be likened to a lug pattern on a wheel. The wheels are going to work the same – the difference is in how they’re made. The only thing to consider is if your system requires a specific standard for the parts to be compatible, which our System Scanner and Advisor Tool will guarantee as needed.

Which one should I buy? High or low density?

Buy the type which is compatible with your system. If both types are listed, both types are compatible.

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