If you are receiving a “DCP WATCHDOG VIOLATION” error when using the Crucial P1®, dont worry. The issue can be resolved by following the troubleshooting steps listed below.

The first step is to boot into your BIOS and search for either the “SATA mode” or “SATA configuration” mode, then check to see if this mode is set to RAID or AHCI mode.  AHCI is the preferred mode for our SSDs and it will also provide added Windows® features such as TRIM commands which will help to keep your SSD running fast and smooth.  If your BIOS is set to RAID mode and your system doesn't actually have any drives raided together, we would recommend that you search online for “how to change from RAID to AHCI in Windows” and change to AHCI mode.  This will typically correct DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION errors; however, additional setting changes may be necessary.  Perform these steps at your own risk.

If you continue to receive errors or performance issues, the next step is change how Windows manages power to your SSD. This will stop the system from abruptly cutting power to your drive and can correct many issues with performance and stability. This can be done by following the steps below. 

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Go to Hardware and Sound
  • Go to Power Options
  • Select Change Plan Settings
  • Select Change Advanced Settings
  • Make sure the “Link State Power Management®” under the “PCI Express®” field is set to “Off”

Once the Link State Power Management has been turned off, you will want to check if you are running a program called Intel Rapid Storage Technology® on your PC.  The easiest way to find out is by checking your taskbar and locating the icon circled in red below. 

If the icon is in your taskbar, then the next steps can be ignored and the issues that you were experiencing should be corrected.   If you see the icon circled in red above on your PC, you will want to double click and open the program.  You can then select the performance tab, select Link Power Management®. 

You will want to ensure this is disabled, then you can close out of the program.  The issues that you were experiencing should now be corrected.  If you continue to experience any problems, we ask that you contact us directly for further support.

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