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Crucial P5 Plus with M.2 2280 Heatsink and PS5

How to upgrade your PS5.

By installing a P5 Plus with a heatsink in the empty M.2 upgrade slot, PlayStation™ 5 players can expand storage for their game library and run the hottest titles quickly and directly from the drive.1  

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Follow our installation video or step-by-step instructions for upgrading your Sony Playstation 5.

Sony® requires effective heat dissipation with any SSD installed on a PlayStation™ 5. The Crucial® P5 Plus + M.2 2280 heatsink bundle meet’s Sony’s recommendations, giving you ample space for more games and DLC on your PS5™.

  • Micron is not responsible for the user damaging the PS5 or other material 
  • Use caution when applying force to a device 

1. You must perform a system update before you can insert the drive

  • If you don’t update first, the system will not boot.
remove side panel of ps5

2. Remove the side panel

  • Tricky. Not an easy procedure. You will likely need to apply some force, but this will be different for everyone*.
  • Lay the console drive side down and secure the edge of the PS5, while pulling the top part of the white panel toward you.
  • Slide the panel straight out along the chassis (parallel to the bottom) instead of pulling it away from the unit, which could cause the panel to break.
  • No tools should be required.

*Micron is not responsible for the user damaging the PS5 or other material 
* Use caution when applying force to a device

remove screw and metal door in the PS5

3. There’s a little metal door with the PlayStation screw. Pop it out, open it up.

remove side panel of ps5

4. There’s another screw on a standoff (like a metal spacer) with the default set at 110 mm.

For P5 Plus, move it in to the 80MM mark, which is the next one closer. 

Center the Heatsink to the P5 Plus when attaching

5. Attach the heatsink to the P5 Plus*.

  • Remove protective film from the thermal pad by peeling it back completely.
  • Adhere the sticky side of the thermal pad to the flat side of the heatsink.
  • Remove the remaining protective film from the other side of the thermal pad.
  • Align the heatsink with the SSD itself and press down firmly to fully adhere the heatsink to the drive. (There is no need to remove the top Crucial P5 Plus label from the SSD. You can apply the heatsink directly to it. Also, do not remove the bottom label as this will void your warranty!)

*Inappropriate use of the heatsink may cause problems with the P5 Plus. 
*Performance and user experience may vary. 

Insert the P5 Plus + M.2 2280 Heatsink in at ~30degrees

6. Insert the drive at approximately a 30-degree angle.

  • When fully inserted, push it down.
  • The screw cut out on P5 Plus should line up with that spacer.
  • Screw it down.
Screw the door back in on the PS5

7. Replace the door. Screw it back in place.

Put the side panel back on the PS5

8. Replace the panel.

Boot up the PS5

9. Plug in. Boot. You will be prompted to format the new drive – do this.

10. To use P5 Plus as your primary storage, go to Settings, Storage Settings, and manually select the P5 Plus to be your new default download location.

Go to "Settings"  

Select "Storage" 

Manually select the P5 Plus to be your new default download location. 

Q&A - Adding a heatsink to Crucial P5 Plus


  1. Sony recommends that NVMe M.2 drives installed in the PlayStation 5 should be used with a heat-dissipation mechanism, such as a heat sink or heat transfer sheet. Inappropriate use of a heat sink, or lack of heat-dissipation mechanism, may cause problems with the P5 Plus and/or PlayStation 5. Micron is not responsible for the user damaging the PS5 or other material.
  2. The Crucial P5 Plus meets the performance and form factor requirements for Sony PS5™ when used with a heatsink.