4 Crucial Ballistix Max Modules installed in a Motherboard

Crucial Ballistix MAX

Best for:
Hardcore gamers or overclocking
enthusiasts seeking top-tier RAM speeds.

Starting at

Crucial Ballstix MAX Family
  • Up to 5100MT/s
  • 16GB - 32GB kits
  • Black extruded heat spreaders with temp sensors
  • RGB model includes changeable lightbar

Crucial Ballistix

Best for:
Gamers wanting high-performance
RAM with multiple color options.

Starting at

Crucial Ballistix Family
  • Up to 3600MT/s 
  • 8GB - 32GB modules
    16GB - 64GB kits 
  • RGB, SODIMM, and 3 color options available

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like We Do: The Ballistix Difference

Not all memory is created equal. We’re the only brand that fully engineers, manufactures, and tunes our own high-performance memory. 

Optimized paths for optimal maximum performance

Optimized paths for maximum performance

Ballistix RAM is deliberately engineered to reduce data travel time for maximum speed and minimal interference.

Crucial Ballistix Memory Chips

Skip the silicon lottery

We don’t leave your PC’s performance up to luck: our RAM is engineered from the ground up to ensure every module has consistent performance.

Crucial Ballistix Max overclocking headroom

Built for maximum overclocking headroom

Overclocking superiority requires customized voltage regulation. On-die regulators are tuned to maintain performance -- even when pushed to the limit.

4 Crucial Ballistix Red Modules installed in a Motherboard
4 Crucial Ballistix RGB Max Modules
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