Ballistix® Memory Troubleshooting

If your Ballistix memory is crashing, overheating or not running as expected, below is a list a considerations (in addition to those for standard memory upgrades) to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Does your system have an adequate power supply? If you are unsure, use an online power supply calculator to help you calculate the power consumption of your system.
  • Does your system have adequate cooling? Adding memory and other components to your system will increase the heat generated inside the case, which can cause instability issues if not properly ventilated. Case fans are relatively inexpensive to add to your system to improve air flow and aid with cooling.
  • Did you verify that your chipset and CPU support the memory speed you are trying to run? Did you check your timings and voltage to make sure they are at the advertised settings? If these areas are not properly set up then your memory may lose stability. Please note that replacing the memory will not necessarily solve the problem because it is a symptom and not the root cause of the problem.
  • If you are overclocking your memory, relax your settings to those of the XMP profiles to verify whether the higher frequency is the source of instability.
  • Finally, it's recommended to perform a memory test on your Ballistix modules. Run the test from a cold boot with your DRAM timings and voltage at default or auto values in your BIOS.

If the problem continues, please contact our Support team.

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